Internationalization Mondial College

Our Mondial College is a school for secondary education and is the result of a merge of several different schools. Our pupils range are from 13 to 17 years old. It is situated in the oldest city of the Netherlands. In 2014 we opened a completely new building complex for all the different vocational departments and levels. Our pupils can chose almost every department/vocational subject. Economic Department: Cooking, serving and baking, Tourism, Recreation, Sports and exercise, and Commerce. Technical Department: Construction, Electronics and Metal works. Body and Health Care Department. Classes without vocational subjects. In our view, each child, has his own specific talents and wishes to learn.

We want to coach the pupil in recognizing and developing his own specific talents by connecting to his level and needs. Learning has a central position. Each department/level of our school does this in the way that fits the best. Our main result is the development of the talents of each pupil.

We are a school without a denomination. Each pupil is welcome regardless of this religion, colour or social background. Vision of the Mondial College: within the various departments and teams we have a different approach. This is due to the different levels and age of pupils, but foremost due to the fact that we take into consideration the differences in learning stile of our pupils.

Mondial College offers a wide spectrum of education. Our school aims on developing a broad range of learning and social emotional skills and skills which are relevant to function within our too complex society. Our horizon goes further than our school. Our focus aims on the area around us and on Europe. Internationalization has an important place within our educational system. Our theme is "to know and being known" as counterpart to prejudice and animosity. Our program aims on active citizenship and social integration, as is expected from all schools as from 1st February 2006. Internationalization is part of our curriculum.

We aim to realize contacts with a foreign pupil/organization for each pupil during the entire school carrier. This can be in the form of an international exchange program or by participating in a digital project. Our aim is to learn the pupils that borders between countries, religions, cultures must be taken away. From our teachers we expect a positive attitude and full support towards realizing our international projects. This aspect makes part of our school policy.


Marlinde Zijl: