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Groep 7/8

Zit jij in groep 7 of 8 en wil jij je inschrijven op het Mondial College? Ontdek meer informatie over onze school en jouw aanmelding.

Zit jij in groep 7/8? Ontdek het Mondial College!

Internationalization Mondial College

Internationalization Mondial College


Internationalization Mondial College

As a school, we aim to equip our pupils with the right tools to make a great start in their higher education and to have a meaningful role in society. We find it extremely important to treat each other with respect, to know our pupils and for our pupils to know us, and to create a safe environment. Everybody should have the opportunity to grow, to exceed their limits and achieve the educational level best suited to their abilities.

Growth and exceeding limits

At the Mondial College we have a growth mindset. This means that we believe in offering chances, developing talents, pushing limits and helping pupils excel. We want pupils to be the best version of themselves. We will always help pupils who are struggling in and outside the classroom.

College of Engineering and International Business College

Along with the standard curriculum, pupils at the Mondial College can choose to partake in the College of Engineering (“Technasium”) or International Business College. These educational tracks are unique in the Nijmegen area.

At the College of Engineering, pupils are encouraged to work together on assignments. These projects are offered by local businesses. In addition to the standard courses such as English, French, German and math, students graduate in “research and design”. After their high school careers, most pupils from the College of Engineering move on to science, engineering and technology education programs.

Pupils who opt for the International Business College use one day of their five-day work week to set up and manage their own commercial enterprise. IBC pupils will even come to school in a business suit on this day. Besides the standard curriculum, pupils have marketing and business courses. The IBC pupils will be very well prepared when choosing a commercial or business education program for their higher education.


International relationships are very important to the Mondial College. All pupils are schooled in English, but also German and French. We organize a number of activities throughout the year to encourage students to use their knowledge of the foreign languages in real situations. For example, we organize a student exchange between pupils of our school and pupils from a school in Germany. Moreover, we take our students on trips to Berlin, Austria, London, Lille, Verdun, Reims, and to the Czech Republic. The purpose of these trips is to get the students acquainted with other cultures in general, with aspects of English, French, Czech and German life in particular, and to improve their language skills. By exploring different cultures, pupils will hopefully also discover new things about themselves.